The support that assures

tranquility both to the ship-owner and his crew

We have a high-skilled operational team ready to give a complete attendance to ship-owners, charterers, insurance companies and ship crew, aiming the operational optimization of vessels, as well as speed in the liberation of crew, cargoes and vessels at the ports of Santos, Paranaguá, São Francisco do Sul and Itajaí, with self-owned offices and through representatives on the other Brazilian ports.

With Litoral you have the tranquility and safety in the services and speed in the reports about operational information of the vessels.

Our Units

São Francisco do Sul

It is the fifth biggest port of Brazil in container movement and has a privileged location: halfway between São Paulo and Buenos Aires, the two biggest consumption centers of the Southern Cone Countries' Market Agreement (Mercosul).
Rua Quintino Bocaiúva, 67 - Centro
São Francisco do Sul - SC
ZIP Code 89240 000

Telephone: +55 47 3471 1300
Fax: +55 47 3471 1360
Telex: (Via UK) 51 9407 8392 LITL G


This is the second port in the national ranking of container movement. It is located in a pole of naval industry, the city of Itajaí, that's also reference in business infra-structure and fishing activity.
Rua Jorge Tzaschel nº38 - Ed. Concetto- 4º andar - Fazenda
Itajaí - SC
ZIP Code 88301 600

Telephone: +55 47 3247 7000
Fax: +55 47 3247 7070
Telex: (Via UK) 51 94078392 LITL G


Joinville has a very flat landscape, has a very strong industrial park, is located by the side of BR-101 and, also, has one of the main airports of the Southern region of Brazil. The city has high indexes of human development, the higher GDP of the state and great economic influence in the whole region.
Rua Evaristo da Veiga, nº 134, 6º Andar,
sala 602-B (parte),
Bairro Glória,
CEP 89.216-215

Telephone: +55 47 3033 7600


The port of Paranaguá is responsible for the outflow of most of the state of Parana's production. It is also the biggest Brazilian port in terms of grains export tonnage.
Rua Rodrigues Alves, nº 800, 1º Andar,
sala 107, Edifício Ambassador Trade Center,
Bairro Costeira,
CEP 83203-170

Telephone: +55 41 3424 1493
Fax: +55 41 3423 1493


Santos' Port Facilities answer to more than a quarter of the movement in Brazilian trade balance and have the major container movement of the whole Latin America.
Praça Antonio Teles, 12, Conjunto 96 9º andar - Edifício Office Center - Centro
Santos - SP
ZIP Code 11013 020

Telephone: +55 13 3324 4811
Fax: +55 13 3324 4812