Litoral is located in the center of the city of São Francisco do Sul (SC), from where it attends all the northern region of Santa Catarina. The company has also an office in Itajaí, that attends the Itajaí Valley in SC, the Port of Itajaí, the Port of Navegantes, Florianópolis and the Port of Imbituba. In addition, Litoral has also an office in Paranaguá (PR), that attends Curitiba (and region) and the Ports of Paranaguá and Antonina.

From January, 2013 onwards, the company has opened an Unit in Santos, whence it attends the South-east region.


Curitiba 180 km
São Paulo 580 km
Itajaí 116 km
Florianópolis 215 km
Foz do Iguaçu 680 km
Porto Alegre 855 km
Caxias do Sul 680 km
Chapecó 655 km
Montevidéu 1575 km
Buenos Aires 1755 km



The combination of its strategic geographical location and one of the lowest port fares in the country has made the Port of São Francisco experience a steady and vigorous growth.

The movement of containers has tripled, the general cargoes doubled and the movement of solid bulk has increased in 50%. A good indicator of the efficiency of the port is the fact of its possessing the least index of cargo damage in the country and a record time in the movement of containers. While the national movement average is 8-10 movements/shift/hour, the Port of São Francisco reaches up to 23.

Berth Nº 101: Depth 14 m and length 250 m. Cidasc Grain Terminal, so called "grain exporting hallway" is prioritized for solid and liquid bulk cargoes.

Berth Nº 102: Depth 14 m and length 210 m. Priority for full container ships and RO/RO, once they can operate in any weather condition. Used also for ships with solid and liquid bulk unloads, general cargoes, refrigerated ships and others.

Berth Nº 103: Depth 14 m and length 140 m. Used for general cargo ships or bulk unloads. With two rail monted cranes and maximum capacity of 7 tons.

Berth Nº 201: Depth 14 m and length 220 m. Priority use for unloading bulk cargo ships.

Berth Nº 301: Depth 14 m, length 220m. This is a private berth position. It is considered multipurpose for general cargoes and for full container ships. It's equipped with MHC-type cranes to unload solid bulk such as: fertilizers, wheat, malt, barley, soda ash etc.

Our Units

São Francisco do Sul

It is the fifth biggest port of Brazil in container movement and has a privileged location: halfway between São Paulo and Buenos Aires, the two biggest consumption centers of the Southern Cone Countries' Market Agreement (Mercosul).
Rua Quintino Bocaiúva, 67 - Centro
São Francisco do Sul - SC
ZIP Code 89240 000

Telephone: +55 47 3471 1300
Fax: +55 47 3471 1360
Telex: (Via UK) 51 9407 8392 LITL G


This is the second port in the national ranking of container movement. It is located in a pole of naval industry, the city of Itajaí, that's also reference in business infra-structure and fishing activity.
Rua Jorge Tzaschel nº38 - Ed. Concetto- 4º andar - Fazenda
Itajaí - SC
ZIP Code 88301 600

Telephone: +55 47 3247 7000
Fax: +55 47 3247 7070
Telex: (Via UK) 51 94078392 LITL G


Joinville has a very flat landscape, has a very strong industrial park, is located by the side of BR-101 and, also, has one of the main airports of the Southern region of Brazil. The city has high indexes of human development, the higher GDP of the state and great economic influence in the whole region.
Rua Evaristo da Veiga, nº 134, 6º Andar,
sala 602-B (parte),
Bairro Glória,
CEP 89.216-215

Telephone: +55 47 3033 7600


The port of Paranaguá is responsible for the outflow of most of the state of Parana's production. It is also the biggest Brazilian port in terms of grains export tonnage.
Rua Rodrigues Alves, nº 800, 1º Andar,
sala 107, Edifício Ambassador Trade Center,
Bairro Costeira,
CEP 83203-170

Telephone: +55 41 3424 1493
Fax: +55 41 3423 1493


Santos' Port Facilities answer to more than a quarter of the movement in Brazilian trade balance and have the major container movement of the whole Latin America.
Praça Antonio Teles, 12, Conjunto 96 9º andar - Edifício Office Center - Centro
Santos - SP
ZIP Code 11013 020

Telephone: +55 13 3324 4811
Fax: +55 13 3324 4812