Safety and eficiency

in the clearance of your cargoes.

A team of high-skilled and experienced professionals assure safety and efficiency in the clearance processes of your cargoes for import or export seaports, airports, highways or railways. Still, our company offers a complete service of customs' consulting to assist our customers in the processes of import and export.


  1. We assist our clients in the decision-making moment of an import, evaluating the logistic costs and requirements of the operation.
  2. Just after receiving the Proforma, we make an analysis of the document vis a vis to the customs laws and the administrative requirements in order to define the right procedures.
  3. When it is previewed in the appropriate legislation, we submit the Import License (IL) to the national authorities and inform its liberation to the customer.
  4. After receiving the shipping documents, we proceed an analysis of the documents and orientate the importer about possible corrections in the documents that must be requested to the exporter. We also arrange for the request of payments needed to cover the expenses of cargoes' clearance
  5. We follow up the arrival of the ship/airplane/truck/train up to the border and we check the condition of the cargo in the Customs Enclosure, in order to detect any possible damage.
  6. After that, we arrange for the registration of the Import Declaration into Siscomex, and we make the due payments.
  7. We are responsible for the fulfillment of the fiscal requirements in the various channels of guidelines and proceed the cargo clearance before the Customs Authorities and other government agencies (like Anvisa, Mapa, the Army, etc.).
  8. After liberation of the cargo, and at the costumers request, we issue the Invoices and hire the transporter to dispatch the merchandise to the importer.


Offering a complete solution in Foreign Commerce involves de detailed treatment of all stages of the process. Litoral is very careful with all the export procedures. And for us, it's very important that our customers be informed about everything that is going on.

  • Reception of shipping instructions.
  • Preparation of the documents for shipping dry cargo, reefer, container or bulk.
  • Applications and liberation at the National Authorities like Federal Revenue, Agricultural Ministry and Ibama (National Environment Agency).
  • Preparation of post-shipping certificates.
  • Preparation of exchange documents, like commercial Invoice, Packing-list, and Delivery List.
  • Following up of shipment confirmation and proof of export.
  • Sending of documents to bank, exporter and importer.
Processes — shipments (temporary export items), drawback, and all other services of customs advice and consultancy for exports.
Litoral also makes it available to customers, the service of Import Management, with all the procedures prior to the shipment of the merchandise. The importer makes the purchase and gives to Litoral the details (price, volume, Incoterm, payment conditions, shipment prevision, origin and destination ports, etc.). From that on, Litoral does all the Management of the Import, communicating to the Exporter, hiring the international freight, doing the follow-up of cargo and documents, as well as following up the clearance process with the brokers up to the cargo delivery in the final destination, by the importer. This service can be done at the office of Litoral, or in the costumers’ home (in house).

Our Units

São Francisco do Sul

It is the fifth biggest port of Brazil in container movement and has a privileged location: halfway between São Paulo and Buenos Aires, the two biggest consumption centers of the Southern Cone Countries' Market Agreement (Mercosul).
Rua Quintino Bocaiúva, 67 - Centro
São Francisco do Sul - SC
ZIP Code 89240 000

Telephone: +55 47 3471 1300
Fax: +55 47 3471 1360
Telex: (Via UK) 51 9407 8392 LITL G


This is the second port in the national ranking of container movement. It is located in a pole of naval industry, the city of Itajaí, that's also reference in business infra-structure and fishing activity.
Rua Jorge Tzaschel nº38 - Ed. Concetto- 4º andar - Fazenda
Itajaí - SC
ZIP Code 88301 600

Telephone: +55 47 3247 7000
Fax: +55 47 3247 7070
Telex: (Via UK) 51 94078392 LITL G


Joinville has a very flat landscape, has a very strong industrial park, is located by the side of BR-101 and, also, has one of the main airports of the Southern region of Brazil. The city has high indexes of human development, the higher GDP of the state and great economic influence in the whole region.
Rua Evaristo da Veiga, nº 134, 6º Andar,
sala 602-B (parte),
Bairro Glória,
CEP 89.216-215

Telephone: +55 47 3033 7600


The port of Paranaguá is responsible for the outflow of most of the state of Parana's production. It is also the biggest Brazilian port in terms of grains export tonnage.
Rua Rodrigues Alves, nº 800, 1º Andar,
sala 107, Edifício Ambassador Trade Center,
Bairro Costeira,
CEP 83203-170

Telephone: +55 41 3424 1493
Fax: +55 41 3423 1493


Santos' Port Facilities answer to more than a quarter of the movement in Brazilian trade balance and have the major container movement of the whole Latin America.
Praça Antonio Teles, 12, Conjunto 96 9º andar - Edifício Office Center - Centro
Santos - SP
ZIP Code 11013 020

Telephone: +55 13 3324 4811
Fax: +55 13 3324 4812